Music video directed and edited by Graham Kolbeins for Agender's album "No Nostalgia."
2022 • Director and Editor • 3 minutes
Song written by Romy Hoffman
Produced by David Scott Stone & Romy Hoffman
From the Agender album 'No Nostalgia'
VIDEO: Directed by Graham Kolbeins
Produced by Luka Fisher & Cristy Michel
Lighting by Dean 
Starring: Sheree Rose, Alucard Mendoza, Masha Ko, Miss Misty Page, Mistress Mary & Anastasia, Celine Kukulski, Irene Urias, Cooper Moll, Eve Alston, Peter Kalisch, Kai, Rudy Bleu, Byron Adams, Shauna Bookless, Vanessa Craig, Thip Nopharatana, Francisco Perales, Elizabeth Maulhardt, Sarah Ryder Melendrez, Jonathan Andre Culliton

Alice Bag - SPARK
Music video directed by Rudy Bleu Garcia for Alice Bag's single "Spark"
2020 • Director of Photography and Editor • 3 minutes
From the album Sister Dynamite (2020).
Starring: Vander Von Odd, Taco, Lady Forbidden, Dvvsk, Erick Moreno , Fasique, Skirt Cocaine, Vincente Carillo, Kimberly Miranda, Adam Morello Reyes, Audrey Silvestre, Judy Ornelas, Patricia Wang, Maia Villa, Neyva, Annie Padilla, Dewie Hernandez, Jaylen Zanelli, Lorenzo Del Castillo, Melody Yenn.
Featured on Rolling Stone, Paper, Stereogum.

Ajnabi Milan (Stranger's Union)
Documentation for a performance piece directed by Arshia Fatima Faq for LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibits).
2019 • Director of Photography • 10 minutes
Description by Arshia Fatima Haq:
ا جنبی ملن Ajnabi Milan (Strangers' Union) is an intervention in the form of a surrealist/situationist procession of SWANA (South West Asia North Africa) diaspora with a message addressing alienation and inclusivity. The term alien refers to something unlike ourselves, whether a martian or a refugee. By emphasizing our alienness and our strangeness, we hope to leave a poetic impression and disruption on the every day in the unreal environment of Hollywood in Los Angeles though which we will be marching. 
​​​​​​​The performers included Amitis Motevalli, Anuradha Vikram, Azeem Khan, Asiya Mir, Hushidar Mortezaie, Khushboo Gulati, Maryam Hosseinzadeh, Perwana Nazif, Sasha Ali, and Shirin Guirguis. Music included selections by Discostan and sections of a mixtape by the Sand Ninja. Mask fabricated by Hushidar Mortezaie.

#XMAP: In Plain Sight
Promotional Trailer for Nationwide Activist/Art Project
2020 • Editor • 2 minutes • Versions in English and Spanish​​​​​​​
XMAP is a coalition of 80 artists united to create an artwork dedicated to the abolition of immigrant detention and the United States culture of incarceration. This trailer was released ahead of XMAP's nationwide action on 4th of July Weekend 2020, which included protests, performances, and artist-generated skywriting messages displayed over detention facilities, immigration courts, borders, and other sites of historic relevance.

Music video directed by Cassils for the band You Can Call Me Sir
2019 • Director of Photography • 3 minutes
Jackalope is the second single off You Can Call Me Sir’s debut EP Blood Moon. It's about a “female” bandit/serial killer who takes down patriarchy. One blood sacrifice at a time.
Directed by Cassils • Produced by Luka Fisher • Starring Sir & Mark Steger with performances by Gregory Barnett, Marval A Rex, Ellis David Perry, Matt Petty, and Anastasia Baratta • Editing and cinematography by Graham Kolbeins.
Online debut by Flaunt Magazine

Performance art piece by Cassils, Fanaa, and Ron Athey for MOCA Tucscon.
2019 • Performance Art Documentation • 41 minutes (Promo below)
Filmed on location in a lung of the Biosphere 2 in Arizona.
Cyclic is a collaborative performance piece by Cassils, Fanaa, and Ron Athey, expooring their death rites.
 Printing press carving by Paul King. Art direction for the Minotaur scene by Hermes Pittakos. Videography by Graham Kolbeins. Produced by MOCA Tucson and Cassils. Curator Ginger Porcella.
Video funded by Canada Council for the Arts.

Music video directed by Cassils for the band You Can Call Me Sir
2019 • Director of Photography • 4 minutes
This Love Is On Fire was directed by Cassils and features Mistress Sheree Rose. The video portrays an intergenerational power exchange steeped in female sexuality, featuring sex workers across age spectrums. With abject encounters that sizzle and smolder, This Love is on Fire traces the matriarchal lineage of female dominance in a political moment charged with suppression of women’s rights.
Official Selection Outfest Los Angeles LGBTQ Film Festival 2019 (Platinum Showcase)
Online debut by Paper Magazine
"Entering the Forest of the Acephale"
2018 • Performance Art Documentation • 10 minutes
Video documentation of perforance artist Ron Athey imagining an unfinished performance for Jon John. Art direction by Hermes Pittakos. Featuring Lucy Latex Lucifer, Hermes Pittakos, Cassils, Pony Lee, Divinity Fudge, Yunuen Rhi, Lauren Davis, and Missy Munster. Filmed for the estate of Jon John. 
"they spent their time doing nothing. they let intimacy fuse them."
2014 • Process documentation • 3 minutes​​​​​​​
Video by Graham Kolbeins and Rafa Esparza • Elysian Park, Los Angeles • January 2014
"they spent their time doing nothing. they let intimacy fuse them."
Solo show by Rafa Esparza at Vincent Price Art Museum

Virginia Grise
Their Dogs Came With Them
2019 • Stage Visuals • 12 minutes​​​​​​​ (Promo below)
Stage visuals consisting of original footage, drone photography, and archival clips for the theatrical adaptation of Helena Maria Viramontes' novel Their Dogs Came With Them, told through the voices of four Mexican-American protagonists in East Los Angeles during the tumultuous 1960s.
Commissioned by the National New Play Network and Borderlands Theater.

Beau Rice
2014 • Book Trailer • 3 minutes
Book trailer for TEX by Beau Rice • Published by Penny-Ante Editions
In the twenty-first century, relationships have been transformed in unprecedented ways. Technology has birthed a paradoxical space between isolation and connectivity, profoundly expanding the possibilities for how and with whom we create intimacy.
An experiment between the epistolary and the ectype, Tex is a performance act in print. Featuring walk-ons by various interlocutors, this mnemonic outpour examines the potentiality of relationships in the digital age. Metonymic displacements, grammatical violations and verbal spillage form this rowdy non-narrative documenting one LA artist’s sexual exploits, an evolving attachment to Texas-based former fling, Matt G, and the determination and opportunism involved with the continually forthcoming publication of this, his first book.
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