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With the heat threatening a grid outage, a queer couple sets out on their “perfect desert day.” There’s just one hitch: their bored pre-teen nephew is tagging along. But if anything can get him out of his video game, maybe it’s an encounter with a visitor from outer space. 
2025 • Short Film • Written and Directed by Graham Kolbeins • 14 minutes

Cast: Emmett Preciado, Graham Kolbeins, Eli Amaro, 
Morgan Walsh, Joseph Rego, Elizabeth Prieto, Lady Chilane, and Obsidienne Obsurd.
Produced by Jonathan Andre Culliton
Director of Photography: Brook Lee Karner
UPM: Felix Mack
1st AD: Jonathan Andre Culliton
2nd AD: Oliverio Rodriguez
Production designer: Evan Black
Sound: Matt Perez
Hair & Makeup: Morgan Walsh
Gaffer: Ryan Baker
Key Grip: Jill Hill
DIT & Still Photographer: Liam Jager
Production Assistants: Cy Earl & Nena Jimenez
Music: "Alien Sex" by Kat Robichaud.
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