Rad Queers

Rad Queers is a documentary video series focused on queer artists, activists, individuals, and groups whose work helps makes the world a better place. The series began with a look at the gay Latino fundraising group Payasos L.A and continued with a profile on queer performance artist/playwright Ian MacKinnon. Stay tuned for an interview with the incredible visual artist Edie Fake and much more to come!

Rad Queers: Payasos L.A. 
September 2012

Smashing taboos and redefining philanthropy, Payasos L.A. is an organization of gay Latino men who wear clown make-up, go-go dance, and try to make the world a better place for future generations. Rad Queers: Payasos L.A. takes a look at the Payasos’ optimistic philosophy as well as their sexy fund-raising parties. “Mr. Los Angeles Leather” 2011 title-holder and Payasos founder Leo Iriarte walks us through the wild world of his happy band of clowns, providing a uniquely personal perspective on this extraordinary group. 

Rad Queers: Payasos L.A. has screened at Outfest, Fusion Festival, La Rosa Mixtape and the Latin@ Queer Film Festival Showcase.

Rad Queers: Ian MacKinnon
January 2013 

The second episode of Rad Queers shines a spotlight on the fabulous and fearless performance artist/playwright Ian MacKinnon. In his one-man show Gay Hist-Orgy, MacKinnon guides the audience on an erotic journey through the hidden history of same-sex love, examining homosexuality’s impact on “the progress of art, philosophy, culture, and politics” with equal parts insight and wit. MacKinnon also curates Queer Mondays, a monthly non-elitist LGBT variety show at Highways in Santa Monica.

Rad Queers: Edie Fake 
December 2013

The third episode of Rad Queers delves into the ornately patterned worlds of brilliant Chicago artist Edie Fake. Through comics like Gaylord Phoenix, a long-running series about an anthropomorphic bird on a fantastical quest for self-discovery, Fake explores issues of his own trans identity and sexuality. In his solo show at Thomas Robertello Gallery, Memory Palaces, the artist investigates historical Chicago queer and feminist spaces and resurrects them with a Utopian spin!