Queer Japan

Queer Japan is a documentary project with a mission to amplify the voices of LGBTQ+ people in JapanFrom activists and manga artists to drag queens, dancers, party planners, and politicians, the participants in this kalidescopic documentary lead inspiring lives and their stories are vital in a world that frequently ignores them. Queer Japan celebrates a variety of queer expressions and offers an intimate look into the everyday triumphs and struggles of being a sexual minority in modern Japan.

In 2016, I spent 5 months directing Queer Japan in locations across Japan alongside a team of highly talented collaborators, including producer Hiromi Iida, co-writer Anne Ishii, cinematograoher John Roney, and translators Jocelyne Allen and Sho Akita. We're currently crowdfunding the budget for post-production, with the goal of editing more than 100 interviews into a 2 hour documentary film, a zine, a photo book, and a series of web videos. Please help us spread the word and reach our goal at GoFundMe.com/QueerJapan.