New American Paintings

New American Paintings x Future Shipwreck
Iva Gueorguieva: Creating Space

January 2011

Bulgarian painter Iva Gueorguieva discusses process, inspiration and the magic of creating space on canvas, in her Los Angeles studio. Produced by Future Shipwreck and New American Paintings.



New American Paintings x Future Shipwreck
Annie Lapin

April 2011

Annie Lapin‘s paintings represent a healthy mix of cerebral contemplation and audacious instinct. Framed by centuries of art history, Lapin’s work culls from the conventions of landscape painting and then obscures those familiar elements with unsettling layers of abstraction. Through Future Shipwreck, I teamed up with Boston-based magazine New American Paintings to interview this renowned painter in her downtown L.A. studio, and take a look at her unique process.



New American Paintings x Future Shipwreck
Art Los Angeles Contemporary
March 2011